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Photo of a dog eating

by Dr. Jody Kaufman

People want to provide their pets with good nutrition, but they may fall prey to advertising claims and misleading information in their attempt to supply... read more

By Dr. Julie Hunt

BCAH is very proud to announce that our entire staff became Fear Free certified in 2018!

Fear Free was founded in 2016 by... read more

By Dr. Jody Kaufman

High blood pressure can be a problem for humans as they age. The same is true for dogs and cats. High... read more

The last time I saw Rosie (not her real name) was three years ago. At that time she was a plump middle-aged cat in good health. Her owner brought her to the clinic one morning a few weeks ago, worried because she had stopped eating. Emaciated and weak,... read more

by Dr. Kate Lawton

At Brentwood Country Animal Hospital we have recently added cold laser therapy to the repertoire of services we offer our patients. After a three week trial period, we were amazed to see the benefits that the laser treatment provided, mainly with a decrease in post-operative healing time... read more

by Dr. Kate Lawton

Canine influenza is a relatively new infectious disease caused by two separate viral strains – H3N8 and H3N2. First reported in Florida in 2005, H3N8 was recognized after a group of racing Greyhounds became ill (many fatally) with a severe and extremely contagious pneumonia. It has since... read more

by Dr. Kate Lawton

With the legalization of marijuana on the horizon (and already legal in surrounding states), comes the increase in possible exposure to our pets, particularly dogs. The typical... read more

by Dr. Julie Hunt

You have done everything in your power to treat Fluffy like a queen. She gets the best food, the best medical care, and you keep her safely indoors. But is she really happy? Our homes are set up perfectly for humans but... read more

by Dr. Kate Lawton

Over the last couple of years there have been a few studies that look at the many long term effects of neutering our pets. It has been common practice in the United States to neuter cats and dogs by six months of age to reduce both overpopulation and the risk of undesirable behaviors.... read more

by Dr. Jody Kaufman

Nutrition theories abound these days. Grain-free diets are better for our pets. Raw diets are the most “natural and what our animals ate in the wild”. Commercial pet foods are all “filler”. It can be difficult to digest all of these theories to come up with a coherent feeding plan. Let’s... read more