Serving the communities of Brentwood, Durham, East Kingston, Epping, Exeter, Fremont, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kensington, Kingston, Newfields, Newmarket, North Hampton, Nottingham, Raymond, and Stratham.


We know a lot of you have been waiting to hear this – due to the current COVID-19 numbers, masks are now OPTIONAL for everyone.

If you would like our staff to wear a mask while you are in the building, just ask, and we are happy to oblige.


  • We are happy to provide curbside service if you are not comfortable coming into the office, or if you have a pet who does better away from you.
  • To avoid overcrowding, and due to the small size of our exam rooms, we continue to ask that only one person comes into to the building with their pet. If you are unable to come in on your own, we are happy to continue providing curbside service.
  • Please continue to call from the parking lot when you arrive, and press OPTION 3. When we have an exam room available, we will have you come in with your pet. Please do not come in until we let you know we are ready – this is to help prevent crowding in the reception area.
  • Technician appointments (e.g., blood draws, nail trims, anal gland checks, dental rechecks, and suture removals) will remain curbside. This is to reduce crowding in the reception area.


  • We will continue to have you call ahead for all food and medication refills.
  • When refills are completed, we will take payment over the phone, and continue to place them in our pick-up area under the covered porch.
  • Please DO NOT come into the building to pick up food or medications—this is to help prevent crowding in the reception area.


  • We continue to ask for your help in keeping the phone system freed up, so that clients who are here with appointments or are calling with urgent requests can be helped more quickly. You may need to leave a message—if you do, it will be returned by the next business day.
  • If you are calling for food or medication refills, please PRESS 1 and leave a message with your pet's name and what they need. Please note that we are experiencing shipping delays from some of our distributors, so we recommend calling at least 1 week in advance of when you need the refill. We cannot guarantee same-day refills.
  • If you are calling to confirm or schedule an appointment, or if you are returning a call from the veterinarian, please PRESS 2 and leave a message with your pet's name and the appointment date, or the response for the veterinarian.
  • If you are here for an appointment, or if your pet is having an emergency, please PRESS 3, and you will be directed to our reception staff. Please only use this option if you are here for an appointment or need to speak to someone immediately.

BCAH is now a member of the Green Alliance! Green Alliance members receive significant discounts at our practice.


We are partnering with Petly to help provide you with easier access to your pet’s health information.

If you have an email address on file with us, look for a welcome email that will allow you to sign up and get access to your pet’s medical records, appointment reminders, photos, and other useful information.

For your convenience we now offer an online pharmacy.


Owner: our vet tech Diane
Age: 3 years, and used up one of his lives when he was hit by a car as a kitten.
Nickname: RoboCat, since he's partly made of metal.
Favorite Napping Location: Dining room table (because he's not allowed there).
Favorite Pastimes: Going on leash walks (he's not allowed out unsupervised anymore), helping with the laundry (sitting in the laundry basket), and playing fetch with his catnip fish.
Best habit: Running to the door to greet anyone who comes over and flopping over for belly scratches.
Worst habit: Shredding garbage bags.
Superpower: Being ridiculously cute