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Information about unidentified respiratory illness in dogs:

As you may be aware from recent news coverage, there is a mysterious respiratory disease affecting dogs in our area. Read more  about Information about unidentified respiratory illness in dogs

Information about unidentified respiratory illness in dogs

As you may be aware from recent news coverage, there is a mysterious respiratory illness affecting dogs in our area.

Symptoms may include a combination of hacking cough, sneezing, nasal and eye discharge, and lethargy. However, unlike "kennel cough" these patients are not responding to standard antibiotic treatment and cases are lasting for much longer (weeks to months).

If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms, please keep them from socializing with other dogs as the assumption is that they are highly contagious. It may be best to keep all dogs home from communal environments such as boarding and daycare until we have more information and this wave of infection has passed.

Please do not panic. Most dogs recover with rest, good nutrition, and time. We will update you as more information unfolds. 

To learn more about the work being done to identify the cause, please click here:

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