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Introducing Cold Laser Therapy

by Dr. Kate Lawton

At Brentwood Country Animal Hospital we have recently added cold laser therapy to the repertoire of services we offer our patients. After a three week trial period, we were amazed to see the benefits that the laser treatment provided, mainly with a decrease in post-operative healing time for all of our surgical incisions and increased relief for pets in pain due to chronic conditions.

Canine influenza update

by Dr. Kate Lawton

Canine influenza is a relatively new infectious disease caused by two separate viral strains – H3N8 and H3N2. First reported in Florida in 2005, H3N8 was recognized after a group of racing Greyhounds became ill (many fatally) with a severe and extremely contagious pneumonia. It has since been documented in 42 states, including New Hampshire. A few years ago, there was a reported outbreak at a kennel as close to us as Ipswich, Massachusetts.

E-Cigs = E-mergency (Or, how your stash could cost you cash)

by Dr. Kate Lawton

With the legalization of marijuana on the horizon (and already legal in surrounding states), comes the increase in possible exposure to our pets, particularly dogs. The typical case involve a dog helping itself to an owner’s stash or tasty edibles, with clinical signs developing within 30-90 minutes and possibly lasting up to several days.

Dynamic duo team up to evade appointment

by Dr. Kate Lawton

Pee-WeeMistyPee-Wee, a five year-old lhasa apso owned by Susan Fernholz of Brentwood nearly evaded her annual examination by rolling down the window of her owner’s car with her front paws. Although Pee-Wee was unable to escape, Misti the cat was able to make a clean getaway. Luckily, Susan had only reached the end of her driveway and Misti made it safely home. Her appointment was rescheduled for later in the week. Be on the lookout for this tag-teaming duo.



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